Las Vegas Trip Report: Turning Free Play into a $200 Keno Win!

Sunday, December 19, 2010 – Day Six of Nineteen

[This is part six of a nineteen day trip report.   To start at the beginning, go here.]

It’s official, my trip is 1/3 over.  How does this keep happening every time I go to Las Vegas?  Sigh.

I wake up at the El Cortez at 7:00 am, I am out at 8:00 am.

My first stop was at the front desk.  I am staying here on two different offers.  One ends today and the other starts today.  I have to check out of my first reservation and into my second.  In theory, I am now all set for another three days in the same room.  I didn’t go back to make sure my keys would still work, which was probably a huge mistake.  Today’s offer is three nights for $99, which comes with $60 dining credit and $33 free play.  I kind of wish those numbers were reversed.  $60 dining credit is a bit much for a solo person at the El Cortez.  Especially if you have just ended a three night stay where you ate at their steakhouse twice to use up the dining credit that came with that offer.

I am actually leaving downtown today!  I need to break my cycle of going back and forth between my favorite video poker machines.  I  take the Deuce bus to the 202 bus and make it all the way to the Gold Coast before I start gambling today.

Caesars fountains:

Caesars Palace Fountains Las Vegas

Gold Coast: Lost $40 in Keno.  Sigh.  I take a break to have brunch at the buffet.  After I try Keno again . My result is turning $15-$20.  I am out of here.

I take the free Gold Coast shuttle back to the Strip and then catch the Deuce bus back downtown.  So much for my big trip away from Fremont Street.  The Deuce definitely has way less people than normal but people are still the worst thing ever.  Why do people wait until they are on the bus to take out their wallets.  You know you are going to have to pay.  Take it out before you board and stop holding up the line.

Obviously, once I am back downtown, I get an iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts.  Hoping to continue my luck from yesterday, I pick Binions as my starting point.

Quarter Double Double Bonus video poker:
$20 – $0
$20-$40 didn’t cash out

I have enough points to get one spin on the promotional wheel.  I won a deck of cards.  For those of you who are just joining us, I now have won TWO decks of cards on this trip. You are jealous.

$20 on nickels: $0
$40 quarters to four of a kind Sevens and I cash out!

stp sevens

Next up is Kings and Threes.

stp kingsstp threes

I cashed out at $200. I have no cash left, only TITO tickets. So I go and cash those and when I come back, my machine is taken. Of course it is.

Play Rawhide: $40-$0

Back to the El Cortez.  I run my $33 free play through a nickel 4-card Keno game.  Last hand hit 8/10 = 4000 = $200 woo!   This is the free play dream.

keno win

Up to room and my keys don’t work. Of course they don’t.  Yet another trip to the front desk.

After a break in my room, I go back out at 3:00.  I don’t want to lose my Keno winnings so I only take $100 and break it into $5 bills so penny and nickel games it is!

Rawhide: $15-$0
Crack: $5-$0
Penny something – did not write what: $25-$20
(Something that looks like shark?): $10-$0

Nickel keno:
$20 in 4-card – $60
Lost everything

I took a walk to Walgreens for some Diet Pepsi before watching Survivor and ended up in for the night.


Maharaha Hooka Cafe

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