Las Vegas Trip Report: Y’all Know What Four of a Kind Threes Look Like, Right?

I finally make it to The Cromwell.  I am insanely excited about this.  I loved this place when it was The Barbary Coast.  Hated it when it was whatever the hell stupid name they tried using after changing it from Barbary Coast.  Am so curious to see what it looks like now.

View from outside:
flamingo cromwell las vegas nevadaAnd some bonus Strip photos since this is my first time on the Strip during this trip.

ballys paris las vegasstarbucks ballys las vegas

I checked in and they are fancy here.  After I was all ready to go to my room, I am told “I will come around to hand you your key” as if handing to me over the counter would have insulted my “I look homeless”ness.

There is a free coffee station for guests at the elevators.  Since I am paying $60-something in resort fees, I fully intend to drink $60-something in free coffee.  Try and stop me.

The elevator walls beg the question of “What came first, Cosmopolitan or Cromwell?”  (Hint: Cosmopolitan)

cromwell elevator las vegas
I get to my room and it seems even smaller than I remember the Barbary Coast rooms being.  It is much darker, that is for sure.   I am on the side of the hotel with THE wall.  If you do not know what I am talking about, then allow me to explain.

When The Barbary Coast was being redone from whatever the hell they were trying to call it after “Barbary Coast” to Cromwell, they decided the main focus would be Drais night club on the roof.   They added a pool up there and then had to build a support wall. This means that the bulk of rooms on the North side of the hotel face this wall.    I used my zoom to make a fake view, but the wall is indeed there.

cromwell las vegas strip view

cromwell las vegas room view

The room is done very nicely.

cromwell las vegas hotel room cromwell las vegas hotel bed cromwell las vegas room cromwell las vegas room chaircromwell las vegas closet cromwell las vegas bathroom

cromwell vegas roomEven with every light on in the room, it is still dark.  Not sure if the wall played a part in that.  I also didn’t really like the feel of the room.  They have wood floors, which make cleaning easier, but they also mean things echo in here.   I don’t recall ever in my life having so many people knock on doors in the hallway.  But this happened all night long and the knocks would echo through my room.  Finally they stopped and once morning came, housekeeping began creating more echoing knocks in my room.

I dropped my stuff off and went to play in the casino.  I went to get a new card since I did not have mine with me.  I was given $5 free play.  Cool!  I sat down at a quarter Double Double Bonus video poker machine and got four of a kind for the first time in days.  It was glorious!

quarter eights

From here, I went upstairs to take a nap.  When I went to plug my phone in, I realized I left my charger back in Henderson.  No no no no no no no no noooooooo.

After napping, I went across the street to Bellagio to pick up some show tickets I had pre-purchased / redeemed via MyVegas, including for tonight’s performance of “O”, which in case you are somehow unaware, is the water based Cirque du Soleil show at Bellagio.  This is my third time seeing it.  I was able to get Cirque gift cards on Living Social during a Christmas promo where I got a $100 gift card for $72, and a $50 gift card for $36.  Excellent promotion.

The show was great, as always.

Afterwards, I played a bit of Cleopatra Keno at Bellagio.  I like the Cleopatra Keno here.  I sure as hell did better here than I did at Rainbow.  This specific machine plays weirdo trumpety fanfare music when you get the bonus.  I have never heard this before, not even on this machine the last time I was here.

After losing as much as I was willing to lose, I had to walk to Walgreens next to Planet Hollywood to get a new phone charger.  I stopped and played a bit at Cosmopolitan and lost lightening quick.

Walgreens did not have a charger for my phone but they had a USB cord.  It just so happened that my fancy Cromwell room had a USB plug built into the dresser.

usbTip:  Flat screen televisions also have USB plugs in the back.  I used these later in the trip when I was at less fancy schmancy hotels that did not have USB plugs.  The only downside is that you need the television on to make them charge.  So if you do not like sleeping with the television on, you have to suck it up to get your phone charged while  you sleep.  You can also use the USB slot in your laptop to charge.

However, on the way to my room from Walgreens, pre-charging my phone, I stopped in the casino and sat down to play some Ultimate X.   I am playing three hands and am dealt four of a kind threes.  I got the kicker on the one line that had a multiplier (3x).  So I got 3200 nickels = $160.   I took out my phone to get a picture and the battery is completely dead.  Sigh.  Guys, this is the first day in many days where I have wins to take pictures of and I do not have the ability to.  I am so sorry.

I cashed out and put $20 into the quarter machine that gave me eights earlier, and it gave me…four of a kind THREES, sans kicker.   And my phone battery is still dead.  What are the chances of all these threes?  I was pretty psyched.

I went up to the room a tiny bit richer.  I made sure to grab some more free coffee and ate a brownie I had left over from my trip to Smiths grocery store in Henderson.   Plugged in my phone and went to bed.

Gambling Day: + $200
Gambling Trip: + $280
Miscellaneous: (phone charger, housekeeping tip) $20
Comps used: Comped night at Cromwell
Freebies:  Free breakfast, five cups of fancy schmancy coffee at Cromwell, free $5 slot play for reasons I don’t know.

World’s most boring itinerary:

Saturday, January 2, 2016
Check into Cromwell

O 9:30

10 thoughts on “Las Vegas Trip Report: Y’all Know What Four of a Kind Threes Look Like, Right?

  1. Carol B

    I like reading your posts. Keep them coming.
    The rooms are dark because they changed all the light bulbs to those compact florescence. My husband hates those and says every time that he will bring his own next time. We’re going in March. I’ll remind him to bring regular light bulbs. lol

  2. KarenTN

    The Cromwell beat my ass!! I was up like $800 for the day when I walked in and I think I miraculously hit Aces with kicker on quarter STP to end up only losing about $500 to the Cromwell.

    1. Josh S.

      Wow Karen I have not seen your name in a long time….do you still post on any of the Vegas forums? How bout Huddler I have not read any of his trip reports in years.

  3. Mare

    Yay for a winning day!!!

    Even though it is small, I really do like the look of that room, although the echo thing might be a deal breaker.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I really loved the room except the echo. I got lucky that I had a bit of a view, I think one room over and I would have had just the wall. If I had to stay on the Strip again, I would not mind staying there at all. Loved the casino and how empty it was too!

  4. KarenTN

    I don’t think I know a Josh. But Huddler used to post on Vegasmessageboard. I don’t know if he still does or not
    I do know Mare though. Hi, Mare!

  5. JennyG

    Halo makes a very nice portable charger. I have one of those in my purse at all times. (QVC I believe). About the size of a deck of cards but a lot thinner. Comes with both iPhone & a miniUSB (Android) ends. However to charge IT you need to connect via a regular charger (I use my Kindle charger to do it) or USB to laptop or connection like you displayed.

    I always have 2 phone chargers at least with me, but another option (maybe not at a place as small as Cromwell) is to call Lost & Found. I have borrowed them (mostly for mom’s phone) at Ballys, Paris (2x) and Flamingo. Sometimes they have told me to keep them, other times I was told to just leave in room, and once they had me bring it down & sign off for it or they were going to charge me (not sure how much). That tip I believe came from Paris – I called concierge asking where I could buy one (not as many Walgreens/CVS back in the day & I had blisters on my feet). She said she had a better idea & rang me to l/f. The nice lady there said she had hundreds of chargers.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      That is a great tip about the lost and found. I once got a converter that way from a hotel in Hong Kong. They must have tons of chargers in Vegas hotels. I know I have left mine behind at least ten different times.


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