3.5 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Save Money on a Trip to Las Vegas

I am a Las Vegas addict who has spent years perfecting the best ways to get more for my money.   While I have written a ton of Las Vegas trip reports (which I am nowhere near done uploading on here), I realize that they are mostly written for Las Vegas addicts who already know the basic tips of stretching every penny.  Here are the 3.5 most basic ways for a first timer to Las Vegas to save money on their trip.

Note:  None of these are affiliate links.  They are all true tools that Las Vegas regulars use.

1: Buy an American Casino Guide.   You can see the coupon list here: American Casino Guide coupon list

If you plan on just sticking to the Strip, there are enough coupons in here to cover the cost.  But if you are going downtown?  You have hit the motherlode.   The free play alone covers the cost of the book.  The points for free buffets are easy to achieve.  Plus you get to be downtown, which is the greatest place ever.

These usually go on sale in late October for a discount early bird price.  They are good from the date you receive the book (usually late November.)   I got my 2014 guide in November 2013 and used it in 2013 and I will continue using it for my December 2014 trip.  I will also have the 2015 Guide with me, as those coupons will be valid once I receive them in November.

2: Buy a membership at Las Vegas Advisor.  List of coupons is here: Las Vegas Advisor coupon list

A membership is $37 and you get more than that back in free play.  Also the dining coupons are great for people who are not avid gamblers and do not have comps.  If you are traveling with someone, look at how much you can save on dining.  A dinner buffet can top $30.  There are coupons for buy one get one at a bunch of the major Strip properties.  One buffet will get you almost the entire cost of the book back.  Stay for five days, eat five dinner buffets, save $150.  Seriously.

3:  Play MyVegas Slots.  This is a game on Facebook.  You play free slot games, win loyalty points and use those to redeem for free things such as free rooms, show tickets, dining and so much more.  It is completely free.  Why does this exist?  Because casinos know that if they offer you free stuff, you will enter their property.  Once they have you on their property, the lure of slots will be too much for you and you will just have to sit down and play.

While you do have the option to buy chips to play with,  you do not need to.   You can get by just fine with your daily spin and collecting credits throughout the day from your virtual Strip.

I would suggest start playing now, even if you do not know when you are going to be in Las Vegas.  The longer you play, the more points  you will rack up.  Last year I got two free nights at Aria, which is a fancy schmancy hotel, and a free Cirque du Soleil ticket.  This year I am staying at the MGM Grand for free.  The game has also added new properties this year so I can also redeem a whole lotta free buffets.  There are monorail awards to ride the monorail 100% free.  They have also introduced rewards for Royal Caribbean cruise lines.  Some lucky person had enough points banked and was able to snag it the second it went up.  I cannot stress enough, play even if you have no trip coming up.

If you do not wish to play every day, at least collect your daily spin every day.  You never know when a new reward will be available and why not have the points to purchase it when it is?  FOR FREE?

There is a great Facebook group here, that offers tons of tips to help you plan using your rewards: https://www.facebook.com/groups/myvegasfriendsrocks/

This was my room at Aria last year.  100% FREE.

Aria Las Vegas bedweirdo tub aria las vegas

3.5: Comps.  Yes I know.  You are just going to be in Vegas for just a few days.  You aren’t going to be gambling heavily.   Yes I have heard this before.  But please, trust me.  Get a player’s card and use it.   If you just happen to put $20 in a slot machine and it magically lasts you forever, you may get a dollar or two towards comps from it.  That money is yours. Why would you want to forfeit YOUR money?

Lots of properties are linked.  So for one example: If you play at Planet Hollywood, Ballys, Paris, Caesars, Flamingo, Cromwell, Harrahs, Rio and Linq – all that play is combined onto one card.  That’s nine casinos all on one player’s card.

You can usually see your comp balance on the screen at a machine you are playing, near the slot you put your card in.  If it is not showing, put it in a different machine.   I hate how machines at properties owned by Caesars do not show this on every machine.  If you do not want to go around finding a machine that shows your balance, simply ask at the player’s club booth.

Every casino does comps differently.  Sticking to the Caesars example I am using here, every point is good for one penny.  So if you earn 300 points, that is $3 in comps.  Easy peasy to figure out.

How do you use this $1 you have earned?  Simple.  When you are paying for your meal (or whatever it is you are using your comps for) simply hand the cashier your card and your ID and tell him or her that you would like to deduct your comps from the total.

So there you go.  Easy ways to save money on your trip to Las Vegas.  You now have more money to gamble with.  Or less money spent.  Either way, you are a winner.  Feels good, doesn’t it?

15 thoughts on “3.5 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Save Money on a Trip to Las Vegas

  1. Joanne

    Hi Jennifer. Have you found any way to avoid those bastard, out of control resort fees? I’m guessing that one still gets charged them with a comp room.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Oh I hate those freaking fees! I was not charged on my MyVegas room at Aria last year, I have no idea why. I am counting on being charged at MGM Grand this year. To non-Vegas people, it sounds insane “Oh woe is me, I have to pay $25 (or however much it is) for a nice Strip property!” But I hate it. I am boycotting staying at Caesars properties right now because I am lowly gold.

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