Las Vegas Trip Report: Degenerate Gambler Tries Dollar Video Poker

I am wide awake at the California hotel at 6:00 am this morning.  I shower and get dressed and walk over to The D to use my $10 dining voucher.  Fremont Street is empty except for me and the homeless.

early morning fremont street las vegas

I saw this sign which drove me nuts.  It is a huge pet peeve of mine when people spell “Fremont” as “Freemont.”  I even once saw someone spell it as “Freemount”.  Although I guess since prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, all mounts should be free.  Yet whoever made this sign, must work on Freeeeeeeeeemont.  And here we are.


Oh hey, the coffee shop doesn’t open until 8:00.  Remember when these things used to be 24 hours?  I have to use my credit today as it will be expired when I return Downtown later this trip.  So I get some coffee from Dunkin Donuts and sit down at my favorite Supertimes Pay machine in all of Las Vegas, conveniently located right outside Dunkin Donuts.

This machine is my baby and I have not played her in a year.  When I was here briefly in September, she was always taken.  I am so glad to be reunited with her.  She isn’t doing too good. Her screen is shot and fuzzy.  Aw, poor baby.

supertimes pay sevens

I turn $20 to $40 and then lose another $20 to even that out. I play some Keno and lose some more money because LOSER.  Finally it is 8:00 and I head back to The D to get breakfast.  I take the escalator upstairs and at the top is a woman sitting there breast feeding her kid.  In a casino.  Start ‘em off right I suppose.

Breakfast ended up costing me ten cents after my dining voucher / cleared out the remaining comps I have.  My relationship with The D is officially over.

I did stop and play some Sigma Derby.  There are twelve seats here.  Three on each long side, two on each short side. I had the entire game to myself until some man comes and sits right next to me on a short side.  Dude, the fucking game is empty.  No need to sit right fucking here.  So I bet the remaining 20 quarters I had on ONE combo that had 200 odds and lost it.  Oh well.

sigma derby

Back to California where I decide that since I am up for the trip, I am going to go for the $8128 dollar royal progressive.  That is insanely high, someone needs to hit it.  As I am playing, I am talking to the machine.  I am telling it that if it does not want to give me the $8128 royal, it can still give me any four of a kind.   Preferably Aces, but really, anything will do.  It gives me nothing.  But being the giving person I am, this does not stop me from continuing to give to it.  $300 later and I hate myself so much.

Back to the room to pack and get ready for my move to Sunset Station.  I will be there for two nights via MyVegas.  I booked before the one-per-person rule took effect.

I took the HDX bus, it took just under twenty minutes.  As a person who frequents lots of off strip places, I am always asked about renting a car.  I don’t even have a driver’s license.  The bus works.  You can take it should you chose to.  And if you do not want to, then hey, don’t!

BONUS: While I was standing at the bus stop, a homeless man was approaching, screaming very loudly.  It took a bit for me to realize I recognized the words he was screaming.  “Heaven and Hell” by Black Sabbath.  He was just not singing them anywhere near the tune.  Aw, I love Ronnie James Dio.

I got dropped off in front of Sunset Station and went to check in.  I got room 407.  I had to walk down a very looooooooooonnnnnng hallway to get there.  There is a parking lot right outside the elevator area.  Seems like that would be cool for people who drive.  Except you would still have to go all the way to the front desk.  Not sure why this hotel is designed like this.  Let’s put check in nowhere near the rooms.  Yes, that is a great blueprint, let me sign off on it!

The room is a room. There is nothing at all special about it.  The thermostat has seen better days and I have to push all the buttons multiple times to get them to work.  Other than that though, nothing. sunset station las vegas henderson room

sunset station henderson las vegas roomsunset station henderson las vegas bathroomsunset station henderson las vegas tub

sunset station las vegas room view

I go downstairs and gamble.  I am instantly horrified at how packed this place is.  It is hard to find any open machine and when you do, there are people surrounding it.  I had no idea this was such a happening place. I hate happening places.  Not enough to not gamble though so…

I played nickel Cleopatra Keno to balance out this morning’s dollar video poker loss.  I win nothing.

I went back to the room to take a nap.  This is where this day ends because I never woke back up.  Oops?

Gambling Day: – $500
Gambling Trip: + $880
Miscellaneous: (tip, coffee the $.10 The D breakfast!): $6.47
Comps used: The D breakfast
Freebies:  MyVegas room at Sunset Station

Today’s itinerary, really a joke at this point:

Sunday, December 27, 2015
Breakfast:  Fremont 7-10:30 free 250 points ACG
Check into Sunset Station
Dinner: Sunset Station, 4-9 free MyVegas
Jerry’s Nugget:New Member Rewards
50 points – $5 Comp
100 points – Jerry’s Nugget T-shirt
250 points – $20 Comp
500 points – $40 Gift Card
1,000 points – $100 Free Play on Slots and Video Poker
Downtown Grand 2x points promo
Gold Coast 30x slots (kiosk)
Orleans 30x pennies (kiosk)
Joker’s Wild 25x points on first 500 points,

12 thoughts on “Las Vegas Trip Report: Degenerate Gambler Tries Dollar Video Poker

  1. Catherine

    You’re still ahead and you’re in Vegas, so it’s all good. I really like th picture you took of Fremont Street in the early morning. So clear. I’m really enjoying your adventure. :)

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I am returning downtown tomorrow and I am looking to more of being alone with the homeless on Fremont Street in the early am. It is so pretty.

  2. Julie

    New members:
    Earn 50 points and you can get a $5 comp, that might be useful
    Earn 100 points and you get another useless t-shirt that is probably too ugly to wear

    Who designs these promotions?

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I have NO idea. You should have to suffer owning the shirt before you get the real prize of the comp!

  3. Mike

    On my trip back in 2009 where I stayed a night at the Trump (and didn’t get any pictures even though you wanted some), I stopped in at Sunset Station to use a half off coupon on dinner since I was flat fucking broke and needed something really cheap. It was very crowded that night as well. That didn’t stop me from blowing $30 of my final $40 at a $5 blackjack table, though.

    Then I made a crazy rally the next day, all on the strength of $25 in free slot play at the Venetian, of all places.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Sometimes it is the places you expect to lose, where you end up winning big. I love that because hey surprise, I hate that because hey – I don’t want to come back to this casino ever again in my life.

  4. Mare

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Fremont Street that empty!

    Seriously, a coffee place that doesn’t open until 8am?! WTF?!

    That room looks just like they did when they remodeled them in 2004/2005!

    Sorry it was a bad losing day. :(

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Fremont Street is always empty very early morning. I love being out at that time and having it to myself.

  5. Ollie

    I can’t for the life of me understand why people insist on taking the closest seat when others are empty. I happens to me on the bus way to often. On the other hand, that horse-race-game looks amazing. In my perfect game room, I’d surely make room for a beauty like that….IF I could afford such things 😉
    Ollie recently posted…Världens bästa kiropraktorMy Profile

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      That Sigma Derby game is soooooo much fun. I’d like to win enough to buy one AND buy a house to put it in.


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