Las Vegas Trip Report: Let the Degeneracy Begin!

January 29, 2018

The first line entered into my notes for today is “I am ruining my trip.”  Which looking back, is actually true.  Yet still, when waking up at 5:00 am means heading down to the casino at 5:00 am, I can’t really blame myself.  Or something?

I appreciate that my notes say “Binions: Cleopatra Keno and Buffalo, left with $200.”  Left where with $200?  Left my room with $200 and lost it, or left the casino with $200 winnings?  Oh wait, look at the photo.  I won!  How exciting!

I did turn that $14 into $20 though.  I was back in my room at 7:00 am to recharge and back out at 7:40 to go get breakfast.  Breakfast is at Binions like usual.  I have a million dollars in comps there that I always said i could never burn though, because the Motherlode promo gave me so much free food that I never had to touch my comps.  Well since I am writing this report up 9 months late, it seems the Motherloade promo may actually be gone.  Not sure if that is temporary or forever.  But even if it is forever, I have so much comps still.

On the way out, I played my $10 non-negotiable chips I got from the Motherlode promo.  I turned them into $5 cash.  My notes say I now have $140 left for the day.  Maybe I didn’t lose $200 up there?  Who knows anymore.

I had checked into El Cortez last night and slept at Fremont.  Now I need to move to El Cortez.  This is one thing I like about double booking.  I can walk over to El Cortez at 9:00 am and just go straight to my room.

I am exhausted already but decide to play anyway because duh.  I wrote I won $160-ish, but it does not say on what.  Let’s refer to my photos.  Oh yes, there they are.

I was in my room at 11:00 am for a well deserved nap.  I slept until 4:00 and moved slowly until I was ready to go back out at 5:30.  I feel like I do a lot of sleeping in small increments in Las Vegas.  I would like to get into the habit of sleeping all day, going out at midnight and staying up until breakfast.  But this might throw off my iced coffee consumption.

I lost $20 playing an Underdog slot machine and another $20 in a Double Double Bonus video poker game before dinner.

Dinner is at Siegels 1941, which is the new over priced and fancy coffee shop.  I got a burger, which was not really good.   I used to dine in this very room when it was Roberta’s, for less money, for far better quality food.  Not impressed.

After dinner, I walked over to Downtown Grand to use a $10 free play coupon from Las Vegas Advisor.  I turned that $10 free play into $20 cash on Cleopatra Keno.  I kept playing and got quarter fives on Double Double Bonus video poker:

I played Buffalo and broke even after a $60 win.  Then I lost $40 on my way out the door.  As one does.

I went back to the El Cortez to situate myself and went back downstairs to take advantage of Mondays being 10x points on Buffalo here.  By the time I was at my stopping point, I had accumulated enough points to get $50 free play.   So I went ahead and lost that too.  Somehow it is now 11:30 PM and I haven’t done much of anything today.  Time for bed.

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23 thoughts on “Las Vegas Trip Report: Let the Degeneracy Begin!

  1. AvatarMike

    When we went in December 2017 we loved the Aria buffet. Sucks that you didn’t.

    Glad you’re back posting!

  2. AvatarTx Steph

    I was just thinking the other day… geez, whatever happened to Jennifer and her blog?? Imagine my surprise when I got an email notification! 🙂 I’m glad you are back as your posts always make me laugh, thanks!

    BTW, I’m sure any Nevada store would have cheaper cigs than New York, right?!

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Hi Steph! I bought full priced cigarettes in NY recently and they were $14. My corner bodega charges me $11. So absolutely yes, they are cheaper anywhere in Nevada.

  3. Avatarjames carroll

    I love your trip reports Jennifer and this one did not disappoint. I would have carried those socks in my pocket for the rest of the trip, I have no shame. The escalator story was great but sorry you missed your bus. You did have a lot of nice hits and congratulations on all of them. I’m going to AC for two nights at the end of April, I may have to try the dirty sock method. LOL.

    Take care, Jim

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Hi Jim! I hope you have a fantastic time in Atlantic City and don’t have to carry dirty socks around.

  4. AvatarNANCY

    oh wow – another great read from Jen…. loved it…. some good hits, good pics, comps you still have = means go back and use them… you make a LV trip sound so much fun and I always feel like I am there with you!

  5. AvatarJan P.

    What a pleasant surprise to see you’re back! I love your style of writing, and you seem to write what I’m thinking. Can’t wait for more!

  6. AvatarKen T.

    Avoid the Steak at all costs at the Fremont buffet, but their Spare Ribs and Chinese dishes are okay. Also, their rolls make a good late night snack. Their crap game is the best in Vegas, but their B.J. games are unplayable

    1. AvatarMike

      Fremont only offers 2x odds on craps and their blackjack is double deck. Where is your information coming from?

  7. AvatarAde

    Thanks to RF I have come across your blog, which I’m really enjoying working my way through.
    Your sense of humour really appeals to this English gent and I like how you write. However, I feel that I am missing photos on your posts that you refer to, unless that is part your style?

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Hi Ade!

      I typically do post the photos I am referencing although to get this report out, I did a last minute rush job and it is possible I missed a couple. I do have about 27 photos leftover where I have absolutely no idea where they belonged. Welcome to my mystery novel blog.

      1. AvatarAde

        Thank you for having me Jennifer!
        Your blog was fun and you certainly managed to get around Vegas a lot in order to lose your money. I’m looking forward to the next mystery novel 🙂

  8. AvatarLorraine Okun

    Welcome Back!!! Such a fan…excited to have 2 more to look forward to. Now that my Mom’s gone I only do solo trips and always feel like you’re reading my mind.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Aw, I am sorry about your mom! I used to bring my mother on trips to Vegas and so many things remind me of her there.

  9. AvatarVice

    I wasn’t Impressed with the Aria buffet either. The Bacchanal is so much better on so many levels.

    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      I still haven’t tried Bacchanal. I get so lost every time I go inside Caesars so I just stopped going there.

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