Las Vegas Trip Report: Hitting Aces Twice in One Day!

Saturday, November 30, 2013 – Day Five of Eight

[This is part six of a ten part trip report.  To start at the beginning, go here.]

This morning I am up at Fitzgeralds 5:30 am.  I don’t mean to be but my brain knows there are slot machines below me.

I don’t go out until 8:00.  I head to Fremont to use the free brunch buffet comp I have from using the American Casino Guide coupon.   It would normally be $20.04 if paying with cash.

This is the one breakfast I have ever had in Vegas where the coffee shows up at a drinkable temperature, rather than too hot.  I drank a LOT of coffee.  Then when I left, I obviously went to the Dunkin Donuts inside Fremont and got a large iced coffee.

I went to play my favorite Super Times Pay machines.  I lost the first two $20’s, doubled the third, lost the fourth.  Son of a bitch.

After this, I went to Walgreens.  My notes say “Walgreens freak out” as if I am supposed to remember what that was.  If I had to take a guess, it would be that someone pissed me off and I yelled at them.  Because I am a middle aged woman and this is what we do.  Or at least, this is what I do.  But I do not remember, so consider this the “Choose Your Own Adventure” part of this trip report.

Time for a nap.  Despite the fact I have eleventy billions of ounces of caffeine in me, I am able to fall asleep.  Nice.

I go back out around 3:00.  I decide to play quarter video poker at the Vue Bar inside Fitzgeralds.  I don’t drink in Vegas so the part about being at a bar and getting drinks lightning quick is wasted on me.

I quickly hit progressive 7’s for a $76.50 win.  I cash out and start again  Now at the very least, I can lose every dollar in my wallet and still have $76.50.

On my second $20, I hit progressive Aces for $225.  See how pretty?

quarter aces

I am now officially having the best day of my trip.  I have a green light to keep playing quarter video poker without worrying about running out of money before night fall.

I keep going

Next $20 gets me zero.   The one after?  Zero.   Third time’s a charm?  No. Zero.


I go downstairs and play Cleopatra Keno.  My first $20 gets me $40, my second gets me $0.  I want to stay on a winning streak, just let me stay on a winning streak.

I go to my room at 4:15 to situate myself.   I have $360.   I leave $200 behind and go out with $160.

I try back again at my machine at the Vue Bar, but it’s taken by someone who is just drinking and not playing.  Asshole.

I play a different machine and it steals my money.

Now I get started with slot machines.   Monopoly Reel Estate gives me some money  Let’s Make a Deal takes it away.  Some woman playing cashes out with $.27 and hands me the ticket.  I hate when people do this.  I know it is a kind gesture, I’m not stupid.  But I also know that every time someone does this, I begin losing.  Every time.  It’s bad luck.  I once had some annoying, crazy lady try to give me a ticket at the El Cortez.   I said “no, thank you” and she starts to insert it into my machine as I am playing.  I got so mad.  I am sure she thought I was a nut bag but BAD LUCK GO AWAY.

From here, I play a Lightning Jackpot slot machine.  I love this game.  I last discovered her on my last trip.  One truly wonderful game.  Tonight she gives me a $60 bonus.  I love her.

I want to play Wizard of Oz.  There are two side by side.   A man is sitting (and not playing) at the one I want to play.  I am willing to play the other one.  This man’s back is to me.  Once I start playing, the machine music startles him and he turns and faces my machine.   Now he is sitting at his machine, not playing, completely FACING my machine.  Just watching it like it’s overhead television.  So I stop playing and take out my phone and pretend I find it fascinating.  He stops watching, I start playing again, he turns to watch again.   This dance goes on for a bit.  I am not going to play if you are watching me.   I am just not.   He wins the contest.  I end up cashing out because he will never stop being an annoying weirdo creep.

I play a LOT of slot machines.  I don’t do well and only stop when I am out of cash.

I stop at The D Grill to get dinner to go.  I use my $25 dining credit that was a part of my offer.  There were three people up at the front.  At first, none of them seemed like they were going to help me until a manager type looking guy came over and barked at one to help me.  She takes my order, hands it to a server.  The server comes over to ask me what my order is because she can only make out the “lemonade” on it.  I didn’t order lemonade.   We finally get it sorted.  She asks for my name.  I say “Jennifer”.  She asks “Can I put you down as “Jen” because it’s easier for the cook”

Okay first of all, WHAT.  How is that easier for the cook?  Second of all, my name is JENNIFER.  The moniker “Jen” is reserved for real life people that actually know me.  But I know better than to explain this to her because you know, she may spit in my food if I correct her.

I go to my room and eat dinner and try and figure out what I want to do tonight.  There are two bands I want to see playing at House of Blues tonight.  But I do not want to go all the way to House of Blues.  I consider it though because it would only cost me however much the show is.  I don’t know how much that is, but I’m guessing it would be cheaper than a degenerate gambling session.   But I don’t want to go to the strip.   South strip.  End of the strip.  As far down the strip as you can go.  So far.

I decide to go out with $100.  I start at Starbucks.  FORTY FIVE MINUTES LATER, I leave Starbucks with a Venti Green Tea Frappucino.  This Starbucks is just not big enough to handle all the downtown traffic.   The lines can get insane.  The employees aren’t that quick either.   They also talk to each other a lot which holds up everything even more.

From here, I go to Fremont, intending to play my favorite Super Times Pay machines.  Imagine my shock and surprise as I am walking through the casino and I stop – OH MY GOD – Double Super Times Pay!   This game is very hard to find in nickels in Vegas.  I have only ever seen it at Palms and Imperial Palace and Palms no longer has it.  I have never seen it at all downtown.  But here is it!   In the Fremont.   I wonder how long it has been here and I have never noticed it because I walk by with blinders on when I make my way to either Dunkin Donuts or my Super Times Pay machines.

I sit down to play.  The guy next to me is playing ten-play dollar Ultimate X Deuces Wild poker.  $100 a hand.  I put in a $20 and play triple line nickel Double Double Bonus.  $1.05 a hand.

At some point, I hold one ace and get three more and a kicker.  $100 win.  Too bad there are not multipliers on this hand.

aces w kicker

I cash out and keep the $100 ticket and lose everything else in my wallet.  This takes many enjoyable hours.  I love this game

Once I’m done, I take a trip to Walgreens and then head to bed with the same amount of money I left with earlier.   Great night.

Today’s itinerary, would you look at that? I finally did something on it!  Breakfast at Fremont.

Saturday, November 30, 2013
Breakfast: Fremont free with 200 points (ACG)
Dinner: California comps
Ellis Island 10x points

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    1. jenniferjennifer Post author

      Uploading all these trip reports made me have one last night, in like zero degree weather. It’s the best thing ever.

      Super Times Pay is a strong contender.

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